What is BLXCK INK?

BLXCK INK is a collective noun for a community of people who share the common interest in looking and feeling good. Embodying and embracing the now with style and a smile. It's that feeling when you're with mates, the smell of burning rubber, the first cold beer on a warm afternoon and that buzz in your chest after your first kiss. It's almost indescribable, definitely priceless but luckily made for everyone.

Where is BLXCK INK based?

BLXCK INK is currently based out of Bunbury, Western Australia. Our studio which features a four platen screen printer, heat press, podcast studio and enough fun bits and pieces to create any thing in the BLXCK INK universe, operates out of Carey Park.

Is BLXCK INK Australian?

Yes! 100% We proudly produce over 70% of our garments in house, using Australian delivered garments. We source our products and services first locally if we can, for example our alteration work is done 30km down the road, our DTG work done only 5km from the studio and our vinyl transfers sourced from Vicon in Queensland thus keeping our money close to home. When we can't keep it local, we seek to keep it within Australia. On occasion specific products will be sourced from overseas suppliers, this is only when we determine those products cannot be made within Australia.

Can I trust BLXCK INK?

Yes. BLXCK INK puts the safety and trust of our customers first above all else. We encourage you to have a read of our Privacy Policy to see how we handle the data that is collected on this website. 
We also only use trusted third party payment providers to ensure that all transactions for purchases on our website are secure.  

How do I order from BLXCK INK?

Ordering from BLXCK INK is easy, we keep all of our products on the home page so you don't have to venture too far in to find that new BLXCK INK item you are looking for. Once you have selected your new BLXCK INK piece and made a size selection, you can either add that product to your cart to continue shopping or go straight to check out. 
Once you have completed your shopping and ready to check out, simply go to cart and follow the prompts. You will need to enter your personal information such as name and address for shipping purposes, you will then need to choose a payment option and complete payment. Once completed, BLXCK INK will send out an email confirming your order. 
We always recommend checking over your order in the confirmation email as this is the best and quickest possible way to fix anything that may have gone wrong in the ordering process (things like typos or wrong size selection)
From there, it's just a small wait until the delivery person has a cheeky surprise for ya

Does BLXCK INK have Afterpay?

Absolutely, we are happy to announce we have partnered up with Australia's favourite buy now, pay later payment provider. When completing the checkout process, simply login to your Afterpay via the link (or create your new account if you haven't already) and follow the prompts. For more information check out Afterpay.com

Does BLXCK INK offer discounts?

We sure do! Are you a VIP? 
Get an automatic 10% off your first order after signing up as a VIP. This can be done at the bottom of the homepage. Simply add your email address and then check your inbox. We will also keep you up to date with new products, discount codes and much more. 
We also offer one off discounts for those who are after a combination of items. Thinking about doing a big order? Why not touch base with us and let us know what the plan is, we love seeing a big order come through so let us encourage you with a discount code! Contact us here or slide into our DM's on Instagram

Who handles the postage/shipping from BLXCK INK?

We trust the fine service women and men of Australia Post. We post out daily from our trusted branch here in Gelorup. Each item is posted with tracking so you know whether or not your tasty new tee or crop will arrive before the weekend.

I'm from Bunbury..can I pick up my order?

Absolutely, due to the studio that BLXCK INK resides in being that back of Jake's house also, we offer a drop off service for those in the 6230 area. This drop off does have a small fee of $8 attached to it as unfortunately too many people took advantage of the free option. So if you live in Bunbury and want your goods NOW, select that local pickup option at checkout!

Is BLXCK INK good quality?

Good quality? The best! We strive to create products that are not only our favourite, but yours as well. We choose only the best garments to print on and happily make changes if we find better. We aim to produce strong thick tees with prints that will last. We use trusted brands that guarantee consistent and reliable garments and only deal with other small businesses that put quality first.

How much will shipping cost to my area?

Shipping is variable depending on the size/weight of your order, as well as where you live. With that said, if you are living in Australia and purchasing 1 or two items, it's safe to say the regular postage is around $10 and express is around $15. If you are unsure, contact us here or DM us on Instagram

How can I get in contact with BLXCK INK?

We would love to hear from you! We are all ears on all our social media platforms!
BLXCK INK Instagram
BLXCK INK Facebook
BLXCK INK Contact Us (www.blxckink.com.au)
BLXCK INK email:  jake@blxckink.com.au

How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Depending on the item you have purchased, standard delivery ranges from 3-21 days within Australia and slightly longer for those overseas customers. 
All shipping is tracked. If you have any concerns about your order, please contact us

Can I combine orders to save on shipping?

Definitely we encourage you to double down on those orders to save on postage, most of the time it is the same cost to post two items as it is one so go hard! Also dont forget, a nice message might even get your shipping for free.Definitely 

How do I join VIP?

Wanna join the club huh? Don't blame ya
A little pop up should have offered you BLXCK INK VIP when you arrived but just in case you missed it, head to the bottom of the home page and drop your email address in there. We will send you a discount code to get you going and you can sleep well knowing your name is on the VERY IMPORTANT list.
If you're still struggling to sign up, contact us direct and we will manually add you to the list, no problem at all.

Where can I find BLXCK INK online?

Where can't you find us. As mentioned above, we are on all socials other than Tinder. Come find us on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok!

Does BLXCK INK work with other brands at all?

Yes we do! Mostly behind the scenes. BLXCK INK is involved with helping other small businesses and brands with their online presence, whether it be website development, content capture and creation or simply just catching up for coffee to discuss ideas. BLXCK INK proudly offers our time, skill and talent freely to help build strong and fruitful relationships with other creatives for the future.

Does BLXCK INK have any brand ambassadors or reps?

We sure do, BLXCK INK proudly works with other like-minded people, namely influencers on social media. This is a two pronged sword as while it definitely helps with our exposure and brand trust, we also aim to encourage and build momentum with other creative minds. Check out our socials to see who we have on board! DM us if you would like to work with us! 

Is BLXCK INK sold in stores?

YES!! As of December 2021, we are now stocked in Sabotage on Victoria street in Bunbury. We are happy to announce that Sabotage will be the exclusive distributer for BLXCK INK in Bunbury.  BLXCK INK is also looking to source retailers in Busselton, Margret River and Perth. Watch this space for updates.

How do I know what size I am in BLXCK INK products?

All BLXCK INK products are posted with the appropriate size chart for that product. BLXCK INK has developed a size chart for each individual garment to ensure the correct size is selected for each customer. If you are having trouble with sizing, please get in contact with us and we will help as much as possible!