About Us

BLXCK INK – Social | Design | Apparel

Established by Bunbury (Western Australia) local Jake Kerr (30), BLXCK INK is the perfect combination of street and mystery when it comes to apparel. 

The origin story of BLXCK INK is as unique as they come; you see BLXCK INK was once a coffee van travelling business to business selling coffee and munchies to the good people of Bunbury.

The coffee van actually started life as a franchise which didn’t sit right with Jake and after a six month long fist fight with lawyers and other suit wearing professionals, Jake decided to go rouge and rebrand. When faced with the test of renaming his once franchise-owned coffee van, Jake aimed for name that had no boundaries and no assumptions. Among friends on a school night, the name was born.

BLXCK INK was undeniable in the mobile food and coffee world of the southwest. A matte black Hilux sporting an all chrome double head SAB espresso machine, coupled with pie warmer full of locally made delicious munchies. On time, every time! If you didn’t know about BLXCK INK, you certainly knew someone who did.

But where does apparel come into this? Great question champion

The day came that Jake had to create a uniform for himself. Simply an oversized tee with a nice big BX logo on the back (now known as the OP tee). Before even hitting the screen printers, it had gained so much hype that customers where placing “pre orders” just to secure one. Jakes entrepreneurial spirit saw potential, ordered extras as well as creating a second tee and a long sleeve, all to be released at the same time. They all sold

Then the day came that people expected more. Naive and enthusiastic Jake took the reins and ran with it, developing a style of simplicity and meaning. Encrypting messages on tees in plain sight yet only using white print on black tees. Each tee started from the same place, it had to be something Jake would want to wear himself. Second, it had to have meaning. By giving the tee a meaning, Jake felt he could give something of significance to the customer as a reward for their support. Its like a secret for just us who are in the know.

The coffee van eventually sold but Jake held onto the name and bradding rights of BLXCK INK, allowing it to lay dormant until brilliance struck again. It wasn’t until sometime in 2020 when the pandemic struck the world that the decision was made to turn the key once more. Since then BLXCK INK has been your standard feel good story with results that seem impossible but truly are undeniable. Since our return we have released over 100 different garments, held multiple pop ups/events, created and sold NFT’s, built a community of like-minded legends and certainly made our mark on this beautiful town – Bunbury, WA.

Wearing BLXCK INK is like being part of a club, it's knowing the answer before the teacher has finished asking the question, it’s a taste totally unique to the pallet. I encourage you, yes YOU, as you read this to consider joining the club if you haven’t already.