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(October 17, 2021) -

BLXCK INK among other great missions strives to offer brilliant value in both the physical and digital marketplace. We are happy to officially announce that BLXCK INK is now operational within the NFT marketplace and trading with

Opening the space and setting the tempo is a signature (test) piece that is projected to only age like wine as the business matures .

A still image named: "BLXCK INK in the stars"

NFT Description:

It didn't start in an office or in the field. It wasn't an inspirational moment or bright spark of an idea. It is the essence of imagination itself, the playground of the abyss. Lawless yet disciplined, guided by intuition, a supersonic man. Where better to start than in the stars. One of one.

See creation video here

See NFT on OpenSea here

"BLXCK INK in the stars" is a representation of the vast potential of this budding new idea, still in the deciding phase of its journey, forming a path of its own in a crowed industry yet evidently unfazed by competition.

Bound to one copy as per the OpenSea regulations, this entry piece into the NFT space is bound to have growing value as it marks day one of an endless roster of hard work. One of one, a collectors item and a born rarity.